We are Corn Smut!

Corn Smut is a Phx, AZ based D.I.Y. folkster band that formed in 2016 by Amy Lou and Richard Bogen. They sing matrimonious harmonies, old-time favorites, and down-home original ditties. Like Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger, they craft songs with subversive messages woven together with merry melodies.   

Vocals, Banjo, Washtub, Banjo Uke+ / Amy Louise "Amy Lou" Bogen

Amy Louise grew up on the dwindling prairiescape that is Iowa, wearing hand me downs and eating government cheese.  Although an enthusiastic Iowa corn eater, she yearned for more. She traded a weekend's work for a banjo, sold nearly all of her belongings and hopped on the "Southwest Chief" train headed to the great American Southwest. Amy Lou loves playing claw-hammer style banjo, gardening, sewing, and crafting odd performance works. She can be found around the Valley of the Sun volunteering as a board member with Girls Rock! Phoenix, writing zines and teaching Montessori preschool.

Voice, Guitar, Banjo, Harmonica, Slide Guitar+ / Richard Bogen

Richard is nearly a native Arizonan.  He grew up playing drums and percussion with an interest in improvisation, experimental, and traditional world music.  Discovering jug band and old-time folk music lead to an in depth study of the banjo and various musical traditions of America.  He teaches music to students on the autism spectrum, and is a board-certified music therapist who works in adult psych settings.  He is in many musical projects and makes glitch art and videos which can be seen at his youtube channel Novel T. Coyote and his instagram windyboijen.



What is Corn Smut???

Corn Smut is a fungus that grows on corn, enlarging the kernels to grow into blue-black mushroom spores.  It is used in Mexican cuisine and is known as Huitlachoche.  

Ustilago maydis, is the pathogenic disease that causes this common smut of maize, which is also known as blister smut, Mexican truffles, and raven's excrement. As is with food, everyone has their own tastes and opinions about music.  Disease or delicacy, you decide...